Shahrokh Abbasi Rad
Research Fellow in Radiology at Harvard Medical School
Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Radiology, MGH

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, University of Queensland (Australia)


Dr. Shahrokh Abbasi Rad is currently with Martinos center and Harvard medical school, developing prospective motion correction techniques for magnetic resonance imaging at 3T and 7T. He is interested in neuroimaging in general and is specifically curious about exploring ways to resolve brain in vivo. Before Martinos, he was a joint postdoctoral fellow at Donders center for cognitive neuroimaging (Netherlands) and Erwin Hahn Institute for magnetic resonance imaging (Germany) where he was among the developers of the arterial blood contrast technique for specific measurement of neuronal activity. He obtained his Phd in the University of Queensland (Australia) developing pulse sequences to overcome the technical challenges of ultra-high field MRI.