Research Technician – Human Brain MRI lab

Position involves working in a fast-paced computational neuroimaging lab. The lab is comprised of faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and research assistants from different backgrounds including Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Biology. Using these different backgrounds, the lab develops and maintains software to analyze MRI data and performs cutting edge research in a variety of domains.

For this position, the Research Technician (RT) will process in vivo MRI scans using our in-house software, FreeSurfer and assess the quality of results.

Other projects/tasks the RT could be involved in depending on interest and availability:

  • Run MRI experiments on several different MRI scanners (whole body 3T and/or whole body 7T), on human research subjects
  • Recruitment of research subjects for MRI scanning projects
  • Management of IRB protocols
  • Teaching FreeSurfer, our in-house software, to users from around the globe
  • Troubleshooting software issues for FreeSurfer users
  • Beta-testing new versions of FreeSurfer or other software developed in-house
  • Developing or improving scripts and/or code (via C shell scripting, C++, or Python)

All new staff will be trained in our methods. Candidates with skills & competencies (see below) that support their ability to learn these methods quickly will be strong candidates. Please see our website to learn more about us:


Work Format:

Position may be on-site, hybrid, or remote. The majority of the team is remote and meetings are virtual with the exception of one on-site meeting a month.

Skills/Competencies relevant to the position:

  • A sound degree of computer literacy & willingness to advance computational skills independently (for working in our UNIX environment, scanning, and data processing)
  • Elements of project management will be required to stay on top of the many projects the lab has running in parallel
  • Candidate must be able to learn many complicated, technical details over a short period of time and carry out procedures meticulously, taking action to prevent mistakes
  • Candidate should not easily be discouraged by failed experiments but enjoy the challenge
  • Ability to work independently and improve the quality and efficiency of their own work
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks independently, manage their time well and adapt to changing priorities
  • Ability to work well on a team and enlist others’ support in achieving objectives

The following skills and competencies are not required but are a plus:

  • Knowledge of UNIX. All our computers use the UNIX operating system.
  • Programming and/or shell scripting knowledge
  • Experience with imaging, MRI scanning and/or analysis
  • Knowledge of neuroanatomy

Relevant degrees include Neuroscience, Psychology, Engineering, Computer Science, and/or Biology.


New graduates with some lab experience (via course work, internships, etc.) or those without any prior research experience will be considered for the Research Technician I position outlined above.

Those with a minimum of 1 year of directly related work experience will be considered for a Research Technician II position.

Individuals with even more experience or advanced degrees should still apply as there is the potential to offer a more advanced position depending on the individual’s experience.

About us:

Position offers great opportunities to work with prominent scientists, people from a variety of fields, a great and fun team, opportunities to publish, as well as guidance and support for future career choices. Please see our website to learn more about the different ongoing projects:

Location: Charlestown, MA

Salary: Starting pay with no prior experience is $21/hour. With additional experience, starting pay increases and you may potentially be eligible for more advanced titles which include additional pay. Additional experience may include internships, non-research employment, and completion of a thesis.

Apply: To apply for this position, please see our official job posting here. You may also email your resume and cover letter to Allison Stevens (email below).

Contact: Allison Stevens ( – please refer to the “FreeSurfer RA position” in the subject of the email when contacting me